Tailored R&D solutions for your company

We have launched a new research initiative that will lead to real solutions for industry challenges.

The ARM Hub Industry-led Research Fellowship program is designed to close the gap between industry and academia.

It involves engaging a researcher (called a Fellow) to work solely on developing tailored solutions to your company’s challenge.

We want to hear from you!

Fellows work on projects put forward by companies.

For this initiative, we are looking for companies with a problem or challenge that may be overcome using robotics, artificial intelligence (ai), data analytics, or design.

Please outline your project here.

Time and costs

Fellowships are a cost-effective way of generating innovative solutions and accessing world-class research, with companies required to provide just half of the costs.

Fellows work on a project for anywhere between six months to four years, depending on the needs of the company and the complexity of the challenge.

Don’t miss out!

Companies have until 21 January 2024 to submit their project proposal.

This is a brilliant opportunity to have a solution to your business challenge addressed by leading specialists in robotics, ai, data analytics, and design.

For more information, please contact Samuel.jesuadian@armhub.com.au.