Biomedical AI Sprints Accelerator

The ARM Hub and MTPConnect are offering the opportunity to harness the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to grow your business.

The Biomedical AI Sprints Accelerator (BASA) is designed for high-growth Australian biomedical companies looking to expand.

Participants receive up to $50,000 in matched funding, upskilling in the use of AI and data analytics, access to affordable data management infrastructure, and help in developing a tech-ready workforce.

Challenges in the life sciences sector

Skills gap analysis work has identified AI expertise gaps are potentially holding back growth of Australia’s life sciences sector.

This sector has gaps/shortages in understanding of and expertise in big data capture, management and analysis, and expertise in the design and use of artificial intelligence.

Our accelerator is designed to directly address these gaps and drive understanding and business adoption of this transformative technology, leveraging advanced AI tools and expertise.

Reasons to apply

Accelerator participants are able to access between $25,000 and $50,000 in matched funding.

You will receive:

    • bespoke roadmaps guiding your adoption of data and ai management platforms
    • training in using next-generation technology, which will help you recruit, train and retain your workforce
    • access to leading data and ai management tailored to your business
    • access to world-leading experts in data and ai management.

Program details

The accelerator duration is nine months.

The key components include:

  • Access to AI technology and services
    • provision of AI-as-a-service tailors to the needs of biomedical companies
    • access to the ARM Hub’s Azure AI Lakehouse and chatbot platforms.
  • Co-design workshop
    • initial workshops to create individualised data and AI technology roadmaps
    • implementation plans for relevant data platforms
  • Talent retention and development
    • programs to help you retain key staff through training in AI and data management
    • opportunities for staff to engage in leading-edge projects to enhance their job satisfaction and professional growth
  •  Support
    • ongoing advisory services to ensure your success in the deployment and integration of AI solutions

How to apply

Applications close at 5pm on Friday, 12 July.

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