Researchers and academics

ARM Hub offers an opportunity to apply your engineering research to live industrial use cases and move it towards commercial success. All Queensland universities are members of ARM Hub, and we work in collaborative partnerships with key universities across Australia and internationally.


Extended visits for impactful engineering research in strategic areas.


We connect robotics, automation, data science and engineering researchers directly with the manufacturing and engineering companies.


We work with manufacturing companies of all sizes and across all industries to improve their performance with original research. We translate research into outcomes.


We’ve worked with over 700 companies to develop and scale-up new technologies and techniques ready for the market.


We take internships and offer employment to suitably qualified students, who benefit from working on real-world manufacturing industry projects.

AI has largely been developed for performance. Due to the technical complexities of building “Explainable AI” (XAI) into operations, Will Browne, ARM Hub’s Professor and Chair in Manufacturing Robotics, says in a new TED Talk, that we need to decide how much performance can be sacrificed in order to trust the AI’s decisions.

Augmenting the bottom line with extended reality technologies

Many Australian small-to-medium manufacturers are yet to realise the benefits of low-cost extended reality (XR) technologies due to the time and resource constraints manufacturers face, and unfamiliarity with how these industry 4.0 technologies (advanced digitalisation) can be best applied in their processes.

Robots and dance combine at ARM Hub

A large industrial robot and human dancer will perform an exclusive dance work before a crowd of 170 of Australia’s top roboticists and manufacturing industry leaders in Brisbane tonight.

The physics of manufacturing innovation

ARM Hub is pleased to welcome Sophia Ahern to our in-house team of engineering, robotics, and design experts in advanced manufacturing. Sophia is in her final year of a dual degree in mechatronics engineering and physics.