Data and AI-as-a-service

The ARM Hub offers data and artificial intelligence (AI) as a service. Here’s why.

Australian companies face the challenge of integrating diverse data sources into a singular platform that can maximise its potential.

Further, with the rapid evolution of Generative AI, manufacturers and their supply chain companies need to become expert users of data and AI technologies.

In response, we are offering tailored services to integrate and maximise the value of your data as well as develop AI tools such as chatbots.

The challenge

Currently, it is a difficult process for companies to develop, operate, and maintain data management infrastructure, and can often be beyond the means of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to do alone.

We believe that the optimal way to address data issues for companies, especially SMEs, is to provide data and AI as a service.

The solution

We will supply a scalable and secure data and AI infrastructure that ensures data privacy and supports your company to use data and AI responsibly.

In this service-based model, we host state-of-the-art infrastructure that is fully deployed in the cloud, featuring a genuine pay-as-you-go model.

Most importantly, we provide ongoing support.

Recognising that Generative AI and real-time data processing projects often have short lifespans and require continuous maintenance, we are committed to supporting you throughout your use of our service.

We offer flexible terms with no lock-in contracts, making it easy for you to access and retrieve your own data whenever you wish. We will work with you to address issue of data bias, data drift and data management.

In this truly scalable approach, we host data and provide services for you while keeping it separate from other organisations.

Our partnership with Databricks

We are thrilled to have world-leading data and AI platform, Databricks, as our partner.

Databricks supports us to help you maximise the benefits of your data and AI lakehouse infrastructure and to safely secure the benefits of Generative AI.

Databricks provides a unified data, analytics, and AI platform that simplifies and enhances the processing of data and the application of AI and machine learning models.

With its data intelligence engine, the platform can understand the semantics of your enterprise data, allowing you to build an AI model on your private data.

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