Meet our Technology Roadmap Female Founders

The ARM Hub has begun its Technology Accelerator Roadmap for Female Founders.

This exciting accelerator goes beyond exploring your business goals — it identifies the technology companies need to grow their business, expand revenue opportunities, and increase readiness for investment.

We are thrilled to have six fantastic women participating in this program.

Meet our female founders

Stephanie Bofinger, CEO and Founder of Fempro Armour
Fempro Armour is a cutting-edge, women-focused technology company that specializes in creating innovative and high-quality protective gear for women. Our mission is to provide protective gear for fall prevention, so we all can live in a world where people are safe when they fall. With a strong emphasis on research and development, Fempro Armour has developed a range of products that cater to the unique safety needs of women in impact sports, healthcare and high-risk frontline personnel.

Abby Walsh, Director at Stomping Elephants
At Stomping Elephants our passion is to help people to experience the joy of expressing their personality. We are the home of a huge range of fun, unique and affordable quality Australian made earrings which are available online and at markets/stores across Australia. All of our earrings are designed and manufactured in house by our amazing team at Stomping HQ in Mackay, Queensland. Our ever-changing range includes over 2,500 different styles, ensuring there is something for everyone. Our manufacturing process utilises multiple machines, predominantly UV printers and Laser cutter/engravers to produce the various styles, with the assembly being done by hand.

Umar Nguyen, Director at Platinum Provedore | The Fish Girl
My agency operates as a beacon of innovation and growth for Australian primary producers in the seafood sector. We specialise in sales and marketing, driving the creation of unique solutions and the development of new markets. Our strategy is distinctive – we engage directly with chefs nationwide, ensuring pull-through via enhanced brand awareness and education. With our extensive knowledge of market trends and our expansive network, we promote local and sustainable producers, offerings them a platform to shine and flourish.

Sheree Lamont, Business Manager at Minecorp Australia
Minecorp is an Australian manufacturer of automotive components and a modifier of fleet vehicles with complex requirements. Based in Acacia Ridge, Minecorp was founded in 2007 during a time where minesite compliance and vehicle safety engineering was a at the forefront driver protection. We manufacture steel and aluminum accessories such as trays, toolboxes, and supporting components as well as purpose built trailers for industry. Minecorp also support the defence industry with sovereign capability to produce build to print components. We modify vehicles that are required to withstand harsh environments and have significant site requirements such as mining, utilities, rental and government. We are very passionate about providing solutions for large corporate fleets where uptime and mobile work is critical to the success of clients. We are an agile business who understands our own capability and what we can deliver both internally or through partnerships with our suppliers. Our goal is to be the leader in the automotive fleet modification sector with technology driving efficiency and repeatability whilst delivering the best financial outcomes for our clients.

Rebecca McIntosh, Director and Co-Founder of CHRYSALIS PROJECTS
The core of my life’s work is connecting community through conversation and meaningful experiences. I am an artist and a creative entrepreneur and have founded three businesses LOVE TV, POPSART arts media and Chrysalis Project creative Place Makers which are all ultimately focused on making cities great! I believe in the power of art and creativity to do this by uniting communities, revitalising their public spaces, and helping us understand better who we are as people.

Melissa Nguyen, Co-Founder of Subarashii Seats
We use your existing seat base and modify it just for you and your riding preferences. Rest assured as your seat gets reupholstered with superior grade foam and with comfort in mind. Whether you’re a short person in need of a lower seat or a long distance rider in need of a supportive seat. Anything you need, we can modify to suit you.

The accelerator is a joint initiative between Advance Queensland and VenturePro.