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Welcome Dr Troy Cordie

ARM Hub welcomes Mechatronics Engineer and newly minted PhD, Troy Cordie, to our staff ...



ARM Hub welcomes Mechatronics Engineer and newly minted PhD, Troy Cordie, to our staff. As technology migrates from the lab to the outdoors, Troy’s research on using modular-reconfigurable components is particularly valuable.

Troy provides research and engineering support for SMEs and industry. He undertakes onsite technical assessments of manufacturing automation, feasibility reports for custom automation projects, and desktop studies of existing processes.

Troy also provides digital twin capability through the duplication of physical systems as 3D models and process simulation for design optimisation.

See below for more about Troy’s work, and how you can access his expertise, to develop commercial, advanced manufacturing solutions for your business.

PhD Title: ‘Modular Reconfigurable Field Robotics’

Troy’s PhD focused on building custom robots on demand in the field using modular-reconfigurable components that allow a single person to deploy multiple configurations rapidly.

His research demonstrated that a modular reconfigurable approach to robotics improved robustness to failure, and that the ability to self-reconfigure allowed a field-deployed robot to explore further.

Why this area of study is important?

The ability to build custom or customise robots while deployed can be the difference between a successful field trip or returning without collecting data.

Troy’s work shows that adaptation through modularity while deployed can be the difference between mission end and continuing to operate with reduced capacity.

Check out the amazing NeWheel transformers-style robot Troy helped build as part of his PhD with @QUT and @CSIRO The any wheel modular robotic system allows custom robots to be assembled in the field to suit a task – when the environment becomes more demanding, a robot with a minimum of three NeWheels allows omnidirectional movement. Troy’s work has looked at how modularity can help robots survive when working remotely, including other planets!

Key outcomes of Troy’s PhD:

  • The introduction of the modular-reconfigurable field robot system in demonstrates modular-reconfigurable robots as functional field robots. (Cordie et al., 2019b) and (Cordie et al., 2016). 
  • Demonstration of modular a modular reconfigurable robot using locomotion and design reconfigurability to adapt to failed components and survive trapped becoming. (Cordie et al., 2019a). 
  • Demonstration of increased platform longevity and decreases in power consumption when using the modular robot strategies. 

About Troy:

After working in structural steel drafting, Troy joined the engineering faculty at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and developed an interest in robotics.

He undertook a Mechatronics Engineering degree with a major in robotics. His interest in robotics developed into a passion for reducing the barriers for the use, which culminated in the thesis Modular Reconfigurable Field Robotics.

In his spare time, Troy enjoys growing tropical fruit in his backyard and when he is not working in the ARM Hub learning factory, you are likely to find him camping near a beach.

Get in touch with Troy

M: 0402866541