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ARM Hub welcomes a new engineering top gun to the team

Aeronautical engineer Tim Kelly has joined ARM Hub’s Business Development team as lead engineer. ...

Tim has 20 years industry experience and has worked on projects like the Joint Strike Fighter, Airbus A350 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

“I’ve worked for primes in the United States and Europe, and a number of SMEs in Australia,” Tim said.

“I’ve got a pretty good understanding of what it takes to be successful in manufacturing, and what’s required to achieve technical and business outcomes.”

Tim is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland and holds an MBA. He is passionate about supporting SMEs, particularly to de-risk adoption of advanced manufacturing.

“Through ARM Hub, I can help with connecting SMEs up with big businesses, or providing support around how to structure your business, how to digitise product development, running projects, and design for manufacture,” Tim said.

“ARM Hub is a not-for-profit with professional staff and access to highly skilled university students who, in some cases, can work in organisations to solve problems as part of their higher degree research.

“This means we’re able to plug a lot of the gaps for industry relating to commercialising IP and bringing new innovations to market.

“We’re not interested in collecting IP only for it to gather dust. We’re all about empowering industry to develop and then commercialise their own IP.”

Tim said ARM Hub offered manufacturers an access point to universities and research organisations.

“We’ve got access to pretty much any technical specialist that you could want in the country through our university contacts, and combined with our in-house capability in mechatronics, industrial design, and project management, we can address industry problems across the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum.

“If a SME is looking at low-level TRL work, where they have very much a research problem, we can help to access grant funding and construct a project with industry partners and universities, to bring that bit of research through to a mid-range TRL.

“Alternatively, if an organisation has a proof of concept that they want a prototype, we can do a whole bunch of concept design, industrial design, and do prototype manufacture.

“Or if a business has a prototype or minimum viable product, we can support the design for manufacture, design for automated manufacture, and then support the process for implementing a full lights-out automated factory, so that we can start achieving the levels of scale that we need to as a country, in order to compete internationally on quality and price.

Tim said ARM Hub’s not-for-profit status meant the organisation could provide independent advice and support for manufacturers regarding the adoption and integration of transformational technologies in robotics and AI.

“So, if you’d like to get some support as you go on your technology transformation journey, we at the ARM Hub would love to help. Please reach out.”

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