What we do

How we can help you

We walk side-by-side with a business on its digital transformation journey.

You can join us at any point of your journey, whether you are only starting to consider automation through to further research on concepts.

We offer three streams: industry engagement, commercial solutions, and research and development.

Industry engagement determines how ready you are to integrate automation, robotics, and other technologies into your operations. It can involve workshops with your team, site visits, and needs assessments.

Our commercial solution is stream is what sets us apart. We have an in-house technical team of world-leading robotics and design experts that work with you on your business challenge. They have extraordinary know-how and access to global networks that can create an outstanding commercial solution.

Research and development can involve accessing competitive grants to further develop goods or services.

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Industry engagement

  • Advanced manufacturing business readiness workshops
  • Site visits and needs assessments
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Business networks


Commercial solutions

  • Technology accelerator and de-risking projects
  • Demonstration to validate technology applications
  • Expert services to support client business objectives
  • Roadmaps
  • Technical Specifications


Research and development

  • Assemble teams
  • Access competitive grants and commercial contracts