Distinguished Professor Peter Corke

Peter is a robotics researcher and educator.  He is the distinguished professor of robotic vision at Queensland University of Technology, and was director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision (2014-2020).  His research is concerned with robotic perception using vision and force, dynamics and control, and the application of robots to mining, agriculture and environmental monitoring. He created widely used open-source software for teaching and research, wrote the best selling textbook “Robotics, Vision, and Control”, created several MOOCs and the Robot Academy, and has won national and international recognition for teaching including 2017 Australian University Teacher of the Year.   He is the Chief Scientist of Dorabot (Shenzhen) and on the advisory boards of Emesent and LYRO. He is a fellow of the IEEE, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, the Australian Academy of Science; former editor-in-chief of the IEEE Robotics & Automation magazine; founding editor of the Journal of Field Robotics; founding multi-media editor and executive editorial board member of the International Journal of Robotics Research; member of the editorial advisory board of the Springer Tracts on Advanced Robotics series; recipient of the Qantas/Rolls-Royce and Australian Engineering Excellence awards; and has held visiting positions at Oxford, University of Illinois, Carnegie-Mellon University and University of Pennsylvania.  Prior to QUT, he founded and led CSIRO’s Autonomous Systems Laboratory (2004-2009). He received his undergraduate and masters degrees in electrical engineering and PhD in mechanical and manufacturing engineering, all from the University of Melbourne.

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