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Leading Australian university partners with ARM Hub to improve the cyber security for manufacturers

The University of Queensland has entered into a partnership with Advanced Robotics and Manufacturing Hub (ARM Hub) to focus on implementing AI strategies for Australia’s manufacturing industry. ...

Professor Ryan Ko, Chair and Director of Cyber Security at The University of Queensland, and Cyber Security Lead at ARM Hub, is one of the UQ experts leading projects through their membership.

“Our first project in partnership with Bondi Labs focuses on trusted, high-quality remote video inspection using industrial smart glasses applied to the meat processing industry. Using trusted computing and AI detection, the intended outcome is to improve security and privacy, and the integrity of data.”

“There is a direct connection between cyber security and profitability. Ransomware can be in the scale of millions of dollars, a much higher cost than implementing the security measures itself.”

“Cyber security is not an IT problem; it is a business risk. These criminals are opportunistic and targeting the manufacturing industry.”

Professor Bronwyn Harch, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at UQ, is delighted with the partnership that will provide an opportunity for current researchers and students to further engage with and impact on Australian manufacturing’s digital transformation.

“As global supply chains become increasingly complex, more than ever, Australia’s industries need to be driving applied research and increasing the commercial adoption of innovations in AI, robotics and related technologies into manufacturing”, says Professor Harch. The University of Queensland is bringing its research strengths and commercialisation know how to the table.

“We hope that this partnership will allow for both parties to see continued growth in research to influence industry at large.”

With machine learning and AI automation becoming an increasingly critical element in manufacturing, Australian tertiary institutions must take a seat at the forefront of Industry 4.0 growth and adoption.

Every digital revolution comes with significant challenges, and the manufacturing industry is no different. As Internet of Things (IoT) has become an integral part of Industry 4.0, it is important that Australian manufacturers are taking the stance to develop a secure cyber network for their manufacturing assets.

To successfully compete on the global scale Australian manufacturing will need to take a holistic approach, addressing their people, technology and processes to defend against any cyber risk.

The partnership broadens and deepens ARM Hub’s expertise in AI, robotics and related technologies, supporting industry to increase productivity whilst combating risks such as cyber security.