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1 Year of ARM Hub: How We’re Helping Businesses Innovate

No arm twisting here. Within its first year of operation the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub has found a huge and growing appetite for Australian businesses to innovate and take the world head-on. ...

How the ARM Hub is unlocking the potential of Australian Manufacturing.

The ARM Hub accelerates Australian industry’s uptake of advanced manufacturing through robotics and related technologies and is now assisting a wide range of companies develop as global business leaders.

“We fill a critical gap for industry between research and commercialisation, bringing together the diverse expert teams needed to solve industry’s manufacturing challenges. As an independent not-for-profit we have the agility required to work side-by-side with businesses on their digital transformation journeys and can assist in leveraging public and private funding,” says Associate Professor Cori Stewart, CEO of the ARM Hub.

The Hub has engaged with over 200 businesses across the country, implemented over 120 Industry 4.0 needs assessments and activities, and supported the creation of new products and services, by Australians, for Australia and the world.

Tenant Success

ARM Hub’s first tenants, Verton Pty Ltd, have fast tracked new crane products and services whilst occupying a dedicated space for R&D within the Hub’s Learning Factory. Now global exporters with new international offices, Verton is deploying the next generation of their remote-controlled crane products in Europe, UK, North America, New Zealand and across Australasia. Verton has evolved from a scale-up to an established commercial business, outgrowing their space at the ARM Hub to take up residence in their own facility, and they project a substantial employment increase within the first four months of 2021.

“The global growth of our market has reassured us that investing in continued innovation is the right decision,” says Stan Thompson, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Verton. “The heavy lift industry has increased demand for our products and as Verton grows to accommodate this, means we’re onboarding more staff to accelerate our products.”

Australian Droid + Robot
Also accessing the ARM Hub advantage are Hub tenants and future project partners, Australian Droid + Robot (ADR). ADR develop, manufacture and deploy remotely operated inspection vehicles for inaccessible and unsafe environments, such as abandoned mine sites, to keep personnel out of harm’s way. During their tenancy, ADR have collaborated with ARM Hub to engage university expertise to further develop their products, realise their ideas and widen their manufacturing footprint.

“By innovating our existing fleet and advancing new technologies, we have the opportunity to push the bounds of where our products can go,” says Dawid Preller, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Pilot of ADR. “We are constantly working to grow our business and with technology innovations we can enter new markets and make an impact in emergency services and defence operations.”

Throughout the ARM Hub’s first year in operation, the Australian manufacturing industry has continually demonstrated an eagerness to innovate, with more successes in Australian businesses like ADR and Verton, Australia’s manufacturing future is looking bright.

About ARM Hub

The independent, not-for-profit $18 million ARM Hub is an agile technology application centre for robotics and design-led manufacturing, accelerating industry’s uptake of advanced manufacturing. The ARM Hub draws together skilled teams of scientists, technical specialists, designers, and engineers, to develop commercial, advanced manufacturing solutions. Committed to advanced manufacturing in Australia, the ARM Hub has been funded by industry, the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC), CSIRO, QUT and the Queensland Government.