Roozbeh Derakhshan

  • Director
  • DKE Company

Roozbeh Derakhshan, the Founder of Data & Knowledge Enterprise (DKE), is driven by a mission to make data and artificial intelligence (AI) that is accessible to businesses of all sizes. His vision is to democratize data and AI, helping organisations overcome barriers to fully harness the potential of their data. Roozbeh understands the challenges companies face with limited IT resources and budgets, which is why he launched DKE with a new data and ai-as-a-service offering in 2024, in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

Roozbeh has been integral to the journey of stream and real-time data processing from the hall of universities to the fully evolved product available today. Roozbeh still loves to code and deliver. He has an enviable global career working with IT companies like IBM, SAP and Accenture as well as leading universities ETH Zurich and the University of Queensland. By continuing to partner with influential leaders in research, academia and industry he creates knowledge that drives his passion for making data and AI accessible to all.

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