Workforce Development

“Robots and artificial intelligence may help us move faster, but they can’t be as creative as humans. As they become smarter we need to use different human skills to be able to manage them and work side by side with them.”

Ai Group – 2020

Adaptive skills are going to be more critical across Industry 4.0 jobs than they are today.

To digitally transform the industry and build the new industries of the future, we have to create opportunities for a more developed, diverse workforce to manage, design, and build the future with all the technological advantages that a highly skilled and adaptive workforce provides.

At the ARM Hub, we believe there are several paths to high-paying and in-demand careers.

Catalysing Workforce Innovation

  • Connect companies, large and small, with the emerging workforce of researchers and students in the key fields of robotics, computer science and design
  • Work hand in hand with the existing workforce to upskill and develop a culture of continuous learning
  • Build ARM Hub’s educational partner network to promote broader participation in certification and educational programs
  • Inform, educate and support companies through our expanding network of industries involved in workforce development programs
  • Offer internships to corporate members and students


new manufacturing jobs

Embracing automation and assistive technologies in Australia has potential to create thousands of new jobs.


of manufacturing employees hold a Certificate III or higher

Australia has the opportunity to develop world-class capabilities in the development and integration of assistive technologies and automation.


apprentices and trainees employed in manufacturing

Seize new opportunities in technologies to develop new workforce skills.


trillion projected increase in national income by 2030

$AU1 trillion from accelerating the rate of automation

$AU1.2 trillion from transitioning our workforce to higher skilled occupations


estimated decrease in workplace injuries
by 2025

Injuries fall as dangerous manual tasks are automated


increase in job satisfaction estimated by 2025

Robotics technologies upskill workers, enabling them to perform functions that are otherwise unreachable

Data from Australian Bureau of Statistics; A Robotics Roadmap for Australia 2018; alphabeta 2017 The Automation Advantage