Technology companies

Working with manufacturing researchers and academics

ARM Hub offers an opportunity to apply your engineering research to live industrial use cases and move it towards commercial success. All Queensland universities are members of ARM Hub, and we work in collaborative partnerships with key universities across Australia and internationally.

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Researchers in Residence

Extended visits for impactful engineering research in strategic areas.

Business-led Research

We connect robotics, automation, data science and engineering researchers directly with the manufacturing and engineering companies.

Collaboration with Industry

We work with manufacturing companies of all sizes and across all industries to improve their performance with original research. We translate research into outcomes.

Experience in Commercialisation

We’ve worked with over 700 companies to develop and scale-up new technologies and techniques ready for the market.

Student employment opportunities

We take internships and offer employment to suitably qualified students, who benefit from working on real-world manufacturing industry projects.

Dr Müge Fialho

Dr Müge Fialho Leandro Alves Teixeira is an academic, designer and researcher and a design lead at ARM Hub, where her projects include mass customised, advanced manufactured, and technology embedded aged care furniture, customised and 3D printed assistive technologies for people with spinal cord injuries, sustainable fenders for marine environments, and AR and VR. She also mentors students from engineering and architecture, including her PhD students.