Join Australia’s leading AI Accelerator Program

The ARM Hub invites SME and microenterprise manufacturers across Australia to express their interest in joining the Sprints Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Program.

Selected applicants will receive an injection of technical expertise and access to resources valued up to $25,000 to help bring their idea to realisation using advanced manufacturing, robotics and AI technologies.

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Over a 6-9 month ‘Sprint’ period, successful applicants will have the opportunity for ARM Hub AI and robotics experts to work alongside their team.

  • Understand ROI before investing in technologies
  • Reduce business risks
  • Get clear specs on the resources you need to scale up
  • Gain valuable skills in AI and robotics for manufacturing
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Accelerate your digital adoption strategy

Who can apply to join the program?

The makers and innovators of Australia’s industry. SMEs and microenterprises. Those looking to scale up using Industry 4.0 as part of their strategy but lack the resources and expertise to take their idea to proof of concept and beyond.

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Applications Closed

Digitisation is an enabler of business growth, skills development and employment.

By providing practical help in building digital capabilities from workshop floors into the office, the ARM Hub Sprints program will empower selected SMEs and microenterprises to move concepts to commercialisation.

Case Studies

Discover how other manufacturers have adopted AI with ARM Hub.

– Voltin

World-first AI enabled building façade inspection system 

The ARM Hub, in collaboration with QUT worked with Voltin to develop a design to manufacture process a world-first building façade inspection system. Using AI, the inspection system now captures dangers and defects invisible to the human eye.


About Voltin

Voltin is a SME who develops new technology for inspecting high-rise building façades. Their AutoBAT system automates the recording, evaluation, and reporting of building façade defects, significantly transforming traditional methods of inspection.

– Templeton Ginger

Disease identification in crops

A crop disease that is caused by an active fungus in soil and is now the largest issue facing the Australian ginger industry. Through the ARM Hub, researchers used computer vision technologies and AI to detect the disease in the same way as a human eye, achieving a more consistent result.


About Templeton Ginger

Since the 1940s, the Templeton family has been growing and selling ginger. In the 70 years following, their small farm has become Australia’s largest ginger grower and supplier, producing over 3,500 tonnes of Australia’s 8,000 – 12,000 tonnes of ginger each year.


Teaching ‘robots to see’

ARM Hub partnered with UAP and universities to deliver a design robotics research project that taught ‘robots to see’ using AI to improve the mass customisation capabilities of robotic manufacture.


About UAP

UAP is a design studio, manufacturer and foundry delivering public art and large-scale creative projects across the globe. The near thirty-year-old company has design studios and workshops in Brisbane, Shanghai and New York, making them one of the largest public art manufacturers in the world.

Get the practical help to build your digital capabilities. The ARM Hub Sprints Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Program enables and empowers SMEs to move concepts to commercialisation. 

The time to innovate and grow as an Australian digital manufacturer is now.