OzVader Ventilators

OzVader is a collaborative effort of 10 organisations capturing the expertise and services of mechanical engineers, intensive care specialists, manufacturers, research institutes, and robotics and design experts in the ARM Hub. The OzVader ventilator has been developed specifically to treat the global COVID-19 pandemic.

At a tenth of the cost of a traditional ventilator, the rapidly manufactured device can be used anywhere from Tier 1 ICU wards to remote field hospitals globally, its appeal is undeniable. All testing has been executed and meets TGA ventilator requirements. Currently, the OzVader Ventilator is seeking TGA Emergency Exemption. Until then the devices cannot be deployed but there has already been strong national and international interest.

In collaboration with Olitek, Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF), the Cancer and Ageing Research Program (CARP) of QUT, Titley Scientific and Elexon Electronic since early April. Long-term, OzVader Ventilators will be manufactured in the thousands for use in the developing world and our ARM Hub experts are working with OzVader on future iterations of the ventilator for different applications.

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Verton Australia is a smart technology company revolutionising crane safety with their R-series robotic crane. In June 2019, global marine contractor Van Oord and international heavy lifting and transport specialist Mammoet joined forces in a partnership with Verton Australia to develop a new, safer lifting method for installing wind turbine blades. Verton is also the first resident company in the ARM Hub’s Northgate Learning Factory.

As part of an IMCRC co-funded research project, utilising the ARM Hub’s expertise in robotics and vision technology, Verton has been able to implement Industry 4.0 technology such as scanners, cameras, and sensors to enable self-operating and fully autonomous cranes. Using these technologies means workers and the public are completely out of harm’s way of suspended loads, enabling the same jobs to be done through safer, more efficient means. This working partnership has enabled Verton to accelerate commercialization and time to market, enabling the development of technology to meet local and global expectations. Verton has successfully deployed Industry 4.0 functionalities within a global market now having a presence across 3 sites in the UK and 4 in Europe.

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UAP (Urban Art Projects) is a design and manufacturing company specialising in delivering public art and large-scale creative projects. With design studios and workshops in Brisbane, Shanghai, and New York, UAP collaborates with artists, architects, and developers to bring unique art to the public realm.

UAP, with the support of QUT and the ARM Hub, have transformed from being traditional manufacturers to advanced manufacturers. UAP uses robotic technologies and a range of other assistive technologies to create efficiencies as well as new manufacturing capabilities.

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Design Robotics

ARM Hub, UAP and the Queensland University of Technology, with the support of IMCRC, are collaborating on a research project called Design Robotics. Roboticists and designers are teaching ‘robots to see’ to improve the mass customisation capabilities of robotic manufacture. Specific project milestones include enhancing robotic vision scanning abilities; pattern carving and fettling; and developing mass customisation software.