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Advanced Technology Revolutionising The Welding Industry

ARM Hub recently worked with MetalTech Industries in Wacol to develop shop-floor capability of SMEs. ...

Developing shop-floor capability of SMEs to adopt technology is essential for the growth of advanced manufacturing within Australia. ARM Hub recently worked with MetalTech Industries in Wacol to achieve just this. ARM Hub’s Mechatronic Engineer, Amelia Luu, worked alongside MTI’s lead welder to improve the jig design and co-bot program. By working together they were able to augment his welding expertise with her knowledge of collaborative robot programming to trouble-shoot solutions and successfully perform small batch TIG welding of brackets – a task that was previously unable to be fulfilled.

Although cobotic welding systems are commercially available and are increasingly in demand to address skills shortages, the user interfaces and variable support services post-commissioning, can be problematic for new users and traditional manufacturers – compared to the machining systems (CNC cutters, benders etc) that manufacturers are used to.

With the support of ARM Hub, MTI‘s adoption of advanced technology can now allow for digital capability growth, skills expansion and increased production.