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The Australian Cobotics Centre opened in August 2021, headed by ARM Hub Technical Director, Professor Jonathan Roberts. Headquartered at QUT, the Centre is focused on the implementation of collaborative robotics in advanced manufacturing and will equip researchers and industry with the skills and expertise needed not just to develop and apply the technology, but to also manage the human and design factors, business adoption, management quality, and workforce issues that result from the implementation of new technology.

The $4.9 million funding received from the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Program, will enable QUT to collaborate with researchers from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Swinburne University of Technology on a five year program to build on the human and technical capabilities Australian Manufacturing needs to be globally competitive.

Through the implementation of Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing, the Australian Cobotic Centre is developing the capabilities and knowledge of the next generation of researchers and manufacturers. With Industry 4.0 taking charge around the world, the opportunity to educate and upskill our current and aspiring manufacturing specialists will allow industry to better handle the application of advanced technology into the sector.

ARM Hub continues to partner with the Centre to bring together industries who can benefit from the use of collaborative robotics in their manufacturing processes. With extensive industry engagement and previous success in the area of advanced robotics, ARM Hub has influenced the projects underway at the Australian Cobotics Centre, allowing for SME and regional manufacturing issues to be addressed on a larger scale. ARM Hub’s Learning Factory in Northgate, Brisbane, will also provide valuable project and prototyping opportunities for the Centre and its partners.

Current industry partners include Weld Australia, InfraBuild, B & R Enclosures, Cook Medical and IR4.

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