Facilities and Tenancy

ARM Hub Learning Factory

Headquartered at the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct in Northgate, Brisbane, our workshop is available for demonstrations, workforce training, and member collaboration.

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Leasing and tenancy

The ARM Hub has various company lots and industrial scale-up space for short and medium term lease throughout the year. We offer:

Shared services model  •  Digital Twinning  •  Secure Environment  •  3-phase power  •  Overhead crane • Office space  •  Onsite experts

Tenancy Case study: Valiant Space

“Valiant’s vision is to build the rocket engines that will take humanity to other planets.”– Valiant Space CEO Andrew Uscinski.

ARM Hub helped Valiant Space develop their unique non-toxic propellent which runs on nitrous oxide and propane which gives a comparable performance to the toxic options but without the need for high-cost handling infrastructure.  Valiant were one of ARM Hub’s first tenants in 2020. Valiant Space benefited greatly from the flexibility in leasing ARM Hub offered, the large and well equipped warehouse, contacts to key government staff and investors, assistance with grant writing.

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